Self Fired Rockets and other Fireworks

Self fired rockets or other memorial fireworks with ashes are proving very popular with clients who do not want a display and who just want a few fireworks, mostly rockets, with some ashes in them to fire themselves.  Usually, clients want to fire these at home (providing their gardens are suitable and safe).

We can arrange for a number of rockets (minimum four) or other fireworks to be re-packed with some of ashes for self firing.  Rockets are £87.50 each.

Memorial Package

We offer a popular Memorial Package - consisting of six Tribute rockets and a two minute single ignition Celebration of Life cake - discounted to £699. (£750 including return carriage within the UK)

Mini Displays

Many clients who chose self fired rockets also like to add a few other fireworks to support them.  We can arrange to help clients organise their own mini-display. Just let us know about the personality of the person concerned and indicate a budget and we will be happy to discuss some ideas.


For our client information pack and more details, please complete the form on our Contact Us page.

Safety note for self firers.

Always read carefully the instructions supplied, well before the event. On the night it is advisable to wear gloves, ear, head and eye protection. Avoid loose or unbuttoned clothing. Only use the provided Portfire to light the fireworks.

When unpacking any fireworks keep away from naked flames and inflammable material. Never smoke when handling or lighting fireworks. Always light fireworks at arms length, and under no circumstances lean over a firework. Never go back to a firework if it fails to ignite.

In general, no permissions are required for the firing of fireworks on your own property. For other places, you should ensure you obtain permission from the landowner. Allow a minimum of 25-metres safety distance from the audience to the fireworks. Firers must be 18-years of age or over. Please ensure that all pets and livestock are clear of the firing, safety and fall-out area.

Heavens Above Fireworks Limited takes no responsibility or liability for your chosen display area or permissions.