Memorial Space Flights

We are the UK Master Distributor for Celestis, which offers four spaceflight memorial options that place a symbolic portion of cremated ashes (cremains) in space, either into Earth orbit, Lunar surface or even into deep space. They utilize true space rockets. All their services include a performance assurance guarantee. Starting prices are shown in US $ Dollars (we simply arrange to convert the cost of the service chosen, plus their $95 processing fee, at the current exchange rate on receipt of order – without further charge – no VAT is payable).

These services are ideally suited to astronomers, those fascinated by space, Star Trek fans and for anyone who had an ambition to travel in a real space rocket.

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Earth-Rise Service
(from $ 2495)

The Earth-Rise service affordably launches a symbolic portion of cremated remains to space, and after experiencing the zero gravity environment, returns the individual flight capsules and modules back to Earth.

The Earth-Rise payload, including flown flight capsules and modules, is recovered, validated as having reached space, and the capsule or module is returned to the family or loved one as a keepsake. The capsule or module is mounted in an attractive plaque bearing the participant’s name and flight message, a launch photo, and launch date. This flown keepsake forever commemorates a final voyage to space.


Earth Orbit Service
(from $4,995)

The Earth Orbit service launches a symbolic portion into Earth orbit where it remains until it re-enters the atmosphere harmlessly vaporizing like a blazing shooting star in final tribute.

The length of time the spacecraft remains in space orbit depends on a variety of factors: orbital altitude, coordinates, etc. Missions are estimated to remain in Earth orbit between 10 years to 240 years. Specific launch information is provided to you after the launch occurs and the spacecraft completes one successful orbit. 

Luna Service
(from $12,500)

The Luna Service reaches out to Earth’s moon for a uniquely compelling location to remember a special life. The Luna Service places the flight capsules and modules either in Lunar Orbit or on the surface of the Moon. 

Voyager Service
(from $12,500)

The Voyager Service launches Celestis flight capsules and modules on a space rocket on a voyage through deepest space, leaving the Earth-Moon system on a permanent celestial journey.

Voyager missions truly offer an opportunity to go to the stars and be at one with the cosmos, on a mission of exploration.

Note: The capsules or modules are incorporated into the rocket as secondary pay loads, Celestis has no input over the launch dates. Being a secondary pay load makes these services affordable. For these and other technical issues inherent with space technology, flight schedules can and do slip more.