About Us

We think a person’s life should be celebrated once the time has come. Heavens Above Fireworks was created in 2004 to incorporate cremated ashes into fireworks for a spectacular final send off to achieve "happier" alternative funeral plans.

Our award winning services provide a truly memorable event, rather than a funeral memorial, where friends and family can celebrate the life of someone special to them by dispersing their funeral ashes within a spectacular fireworks display or to commemorate them through our other fireworks services or Memorial space flights.

Traditionally, a funeral wake provided an opportunity for a vigil, often more of a party, before the burial service. Most people now choose to be cremated and this often leaves the family with the question of how best to disperse the ashes. In some cases someone’s dying wishes will be known. Importantly, research shows most people now wish to make this time more of a ‘celebration of life’ and a happier event where family and friends can remember someone special to them.

We provide a new and different approach. This is not something that happens at the funeral ceremony but some weeks or months later at a family gathering or party once people have had the opportunity to grieve. Discussions with the family and cremated remains are at all times handled with great sensitivity and respect.

We believe it is most important to respect the wishes of the person, and the family or friends, to create an amazing, emotional event which the person would have wished for themselves as a happier way to remember their life and to say goodbye.

If you would like to learn more about a Heavens Above Fireworks display, ashes in fireworks or our other services, we can send you more information. Video clips of some of our displays can be viewed on our fireworks page.

We believe we are the only company dedicated to ashes scattering by fireworks and Memorial space flights.

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